Celebration of World Disabled Day on 03.12.2019 at Mandal Level Conduct of Parent Sensitization Programme and other activities

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Present: Sri.T.Vijaya Kumar, I.A.S.

Date: 30-11-2019 No.1875/SS/IE/T8/2018.


    TSS Hyderabad IE Celebration of World Disabled Day on 03.12.2019 at Mandal Level Conduct of Parent Sensitization Programme and other activities-Orders Issued.

         Minutes of the Meeting of the PAB held on 21 May, 2019 to consider the AWP&B 2019-20 of Telangana Samagra Shiksha communicated vide Lr.F.No.6-2/2019-IS-12, Dated 11.07.2019 of the Under Secretary to the Gol, New Delhi. Ref: All the District Educational Officers& EO-DPOS, SS in the State are informed that World Disabled Day has to be celebrated on 03.12.2019 at the Mandal Level in the erstwhile Mandals (467) in the Districts at Bhavitha Centres (IERCS). Parent Sensitization, Sports/Events for CWSN and other activities are to be conducted under this programme by inviting the parents of all the CWSN as follows:

1. Registration

2. Inauguration.

3. Introductory Video Clipping on different types & causes of disabilities.

4. Parents interaction on Video Clipping.

5. Explaining the parents on the services provided under SSA a. Assessment Camps and supply of Aids & Appliances. b. Special Training in the Bhavitha Centres (IERCS). c. Home Based Education d. Therapeutic Services. e. Logistic support to Minor Corrective Surgeries. f. Transport/Escort Allowance to CWSN in attending IERC/School. 6. Welfare Schemes for CWSN 7. Distribution of aids and appliances available at Centres for the require /needy CWSN 8. Demonstration on use and maintenance of Aids & Appliances. 9. Success Stories display a. Message by successful disabled persons. b. Video clipping of successful person/film show c. Display of Photos/Paper clippings. 10. Conduct of Sports, Games, Cultural activities for CwSN by involving IERPS and if required take the help of PET also. 11. Parent Interaction and feedback. 12. Distribution of Prizes to winners. 13. Documentation. The Mandal Level Public Representatives and Mandal Level Officers (MROS/MPDOS) may be invited to this programme and the prizes to winners may be distributed by them. NGOS and other employees working for CwSN may also be invited for the programme. In order to organize the above programme, sanction is hereby accorded for transfer of an amount of Rs. 46,70,000/- (Rupees Forty Six Lakhs Seventy Thousand only) to the DEOS&EO-DPOS, SS in the State as below @Rs.10,000/- (Rup en Thousand only) per Mandal for 467 Mandals to enable to release to the MEOS in the districts.


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