TS Rc No 1780,Dt 12.04.2019 KGBVs Conduct of Summer Camp from 15.04.2019 to 30.05.2019 Certain instructions

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TS Rc No 1780,Dt 12.04.2019 KGBVs Conduct of Summer Camp from 15.04.2019 to 30.05.2019 Certain instructions

▶ All the DEOs & EO-DPOs, SS in the State except Medchal and Hyderabad stricts are informed that Summer Camp for KGBV Students is to be conducted in th stwhile 9 Districts frm 15.04.2019 to 30.05.2019.

▶ The statement showing the tails of venue and targeted students is enclosed herewith. The detailed guidelines on conduct of activities in Summer Camp are attached here with to ensure that the Summer amp is conducted in the respective KGBVs strictly as per the guidelines Further, they are requested to follow the following instructions for effective nduct of the Camp in the respective KGBVs.

▶ As the programme is conducted taking erstwhile district as a unit, the DEO of the district has to take all necessary steps to ensure smooth and effective conduct of the Camp. .

▶ The erstwhile District Headquarters Sectoral Officer should take initiative to coordinate with the Sectoral Officers of new districts.

The Sectoral Officers of all the districts should work in coordination and share responsibilities

Each Sectoral officer shall take the responsibility of two or three activities She/He shal identify the resource persons from Special Officers, CRTs based on their interest and aptitude for various sub-activities. convene a meeting with them, decide the details and logistics, allot duties on rotation so that everyone will get an opportunity to perform. She wl also coordinate with the resource persons required for each activity and oversee its smooth conduct For all the academic activities, Sectoral Officers shall see that required material /session plan is prepared by subject experts well in advance Special Officer of KGBV in which summer camp is conducted shall oversee the logistic arrangements.

▶ Due care should be taken for provision of food items suitable for summer like Lemon Juice, Keera, Lassi, musk melon, watermelon etc The District Samagra Shiksha can choose other activities too, based on the interest of children and availability of Resource Persons. .

▶ The DEOs should coordinate with Bal Bhavan/Bala Kendras/Govt.School of Music & Dance to utilize the services of Instructors/Teachers in the field of Music, Dance, Drawing/Painting, Vocational etc, wherever available, otherwise the services of locally available best Resource Persons may be taken.

▶ All the activities should project an optimistic and positive picture only c:- As above

T.Vijaya Kumar
Director of School Edn.. & Ex-Officio
State Project Director Il the DEOs & EO-DPOs, SS in the State except Medchal& Hyderabad Districts. ITrue Copy Attested// KGBV Coordinator


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