Rc 778 DT 06.10.18 Regularisation of Services of certain SA/SGT/LP/LFL HM/PET/VTI of Karimnagar Dt

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Present: S.Venkateswarlu, M.A B.Ed.,

Rc 778 DT 06.10.18 Regularisation of Services of certain SA/SGT/LP/LFL HM/PET/VTI of Karimnagar Dt


    APSESS Regularisation of Services of certain SA/SGT/LP/LFL HM/PET/VTI under the administrative control of the District Educational Officer, Karimnagar- Orders Issued -Reg.


  1. Proposals recelved from various HMs/MECs.

2. G.O.MS.No.40 Education, dt.07.05.2002.

3. G.O.Ms.No.12 Education, dt.23.01.2009.

000o0 order

      Based on the proposals recelved from the varlous Heads of Insttutions Mandal Educational Officers and under the powers delegated in the reference 3d cited, and instructions Issued In Commissioner & Director of School Education, AP, Hyderabad, Proc.Rc.No.2265/D2- 1/2010, dt.02.09.2010 the District Educational Officer, Karimnagar is pleased to regularize the services of certain teachers and declared probation from the dates shown against each as mentioned in the Annexure enclosed, subject to outcome of the result in S.C.P.C.C. 1183131/2004 filed in Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. The individuals are informed that, the orders issued now are liable for canceilation / modification at any time without assigning any reasons thereof and dates of their regularizations are without prejudice to thelr senlors The Mandal Educational Officers Headmasters concerned are requested to record the same in the service register of the individuals under proper attestation and serve the same to the incumbents after obtaining an acknowledgement from them. Further, the individuals are requested to submit their objections if any on the date of regularizatlon by within (15) days without fail. If the objectlons not recelved on or before the prescribed date It is deemed to have no objection. The receipt of these proccedings should be acknowledged

Encl: Annexure-t&

District Edúcational Officer (FAC) Karimnagar

The Individual concerned. Copy to the Mandal Educational Officers/ Headmasters concemed loll


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