New Application Form For Service Regulation

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New Application Form For Service Regulation


(In terms of G.O. Ms. 12Edn, Dt 2301-2009 and Rc No. 2265/D2-1/2010 dt 02-09-2010 of DSEAP)

Required Information:

1. Name of the Employee

2. Post & Present Working

3. Yearof Department testD.S.C. Date of Promotion

4. Date of Joining in Present Cadre

5. If Appointed as Untrained date of Last exam TTC/B.Ed./Others

6. Educational Qualifications QUALIFICATIONS Course (degree & B.EdITTCIPTIPETIOther Year & Month of Passing Academic Professionl

7. R.C. No. & Date of Appointment / Promotion order and officer issued:

8. Leave other than CL/SCL taken During the probation period 2 years From date of joining (1 year in case of promotees) FromtoNo. of days Nature of leave : HPL/Maturnity leave/others

9. Police enquiry particulars in case Of Direct Recruitment : ID NO Date Rc. No. of Concerned Dept.

10. Remarks Station: