NAS X Class Useful Forms For Invigilators, Guidelines in Telugu and English

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NAS Useful Forms For Invigilator

The  main  objectives of  National Achievement  Survey Class X (Cycle-2) are:

  - - - - ⏩To  study  the  achievement  levels  of  students  of  Class  X  from  government,  government-aided and  private  schools  in  the  subjects–English,  Mathematics,  Science,  Social  Science  and  Modern Indian  Language  (MIL).

  ⏩To  study  the  difference  in  achievement  levels  with  regards  to  area,  gender,  social  group,  board and management of schools.

⏩ To  study  the  effect  of  intervening  variables  like  students’  home  background,  school  and  teacher on achievement levels of  students.

⏩ To compare  the  performance  of students in all  subject from Cycle-1 to Cycle-2. The  scope  of  the NAS Class X (Cycle 2)  is: - - - -

⏩It  includes  all  the districts of 36 States and Union  Territories in the  country. Random  sample  will  be  taken  from  all  the  schools  in  the  country  having  secondary  classes (ClassX)  and  recognized  by  State  Education  Boards  or  National  Boards  of  Education  [Central Board  of  Secondary  Education  (CBSE)  and  The  Indian  Certificate  of  Secondary  Education (ICSE)]  in this study. Assessment  of  achievement  levels  of  Class  X  students  has  to  be  done  within  these  five  main curricular/subjects  areas  namely;  English,  Mathematics,  Science,  Social  Science  and  one Modern  Indian  Language  (MIL). A  sample  of  80  schools  per  district  from  each  State/Board  and  maximum  45  students  from each  sampled  school  have  to be included in main  survey....

Guidelines in English

Guidelines in Telugu