GO Ms. No. 22 Dated 22nd January’ 2013 DA arrears credited to CSS – Clearing of DA arrears of CPS employees, which were hitherto credited to CSS

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  – Contributory  Pension Scheme  –  DA  arrears credited to CSS  – Clearing  of  DA arrears of  CPS  employees, which were  hitherto credited to CSS – Orders  –  Issued.


GO  Ms.  No.  22  Dated  22nd  January’  2013 DA  arrears credited to CSS  – Clearing  of  DA arrears of  CPS  employees, which were  hitherto credited to CSS

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1. GO  Ms. No. 653, Dated 22/09/2004  of  Finance  (Pen.I) Dept.

2.  GO  Ms. No. 655, Dated 22/09/2004  of  Finance  (Pen.I) Dept.

3.  Govt. Memo  No. 23138-B/194/A2/Pen.I/2004,  Dated 31/01/2007  of  Finance  (Pen.I) Department.

4.  Govt. Lr. No. 16047-C/22/NPS/2009,  Dated  26/10/2009 addressed to  all Administrative  departments  in the Secretariat.

5.  Lr.  No. D2/10661/2009-11, Dated 28/07/2011  of  DTA,  AP,  Hyd.

6.  Govt.  Memo  No. 3941/572/TFR/2011,  Dated  03/01/2012.

7.  Lr.  No. DII/CPS/10661/2011, Dtd.  27/07/12 of  DTA, AP, Hyd.

8.  GO  Ms. No. 297, Dated 14/11/2012  of  Finance  (PC-I) Dept.

9.  Lr.  No. DII/CPS/10661/2011,  Dated  01/12/2012  and 18/12/2012  of  DTA,  AP, Hyderabad.

* - *  -  *  ORDER:

        The Government  in  the GO  1st  read  above  has introduced  New Pension System  to  the  Government  Employees  appointed on  or  after  01.09.2004.   Accordingly, deductions at the  applicable  rates have  been  made  from  the monthly  salary  of  the  employees towards  their contributions.

2. In  the  Government  Orders  2nd  read  above  guidelines  were  issued,  interalia, for recovering  arrears of  CPS  subscriptions @ one arrears subscription along  with current  month subscription.    The Government  in  the  letter  4th  read above  have  informed that  CPS  deductions shall  be recovered  even  for  arrear bills also. 

3. The Director  of  Treasuries  and  Accounts  in  her  letter  9th  read above  has stated  that  whenever  the Government  enhanced  Dearness  Allowance payable to the  Government Employees, it  is being  ordered that  the  arrears of  the  Dearness Allowance  in  respect  of  CPS  employees  should  be  credited to  the Compulsory Savings Scheme  under the  Head  of  Account:  8009-01-101-SH (03)  and accordingly  based  on  the  claims preferred by  the  Drawing  and Disbursing Officers concerned,  bills  were  passed  for  adjustment to  the  CSS  Account

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