Conduct of Out of School Children survey for the academic year 2019-20 Date:08.11.2019 No 2937/T9/SSA/OSC/2018

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Conduct of Out of School Children survey for the academic year 2019-20 Date:08.11.2019 No 2937/T9/SSA/OSC/2018


    TSS. Hyderabad O0SC - Conduct of Out of School Children survey for the academic year 2019-20 Certain Instructions Issued Reg.

     The attention of all the District Educational Officers & Ex-officio Project Officers, TSS he state is invited to the subject read above, and hereby informed that every year a survey is ng conducted to identify the Out of School Children. The purpose of conducting the survey follows:

1. To find out number of children dropped out of Government, Aided, local body schools and Bhavitha centres after enrolling themselves in schools during June and July, 2019

2 Identifying children of in-migrants and out-migrants in4he districts

3. Revalidating the Out of School Children data of previous year.

4. Basing on the identified Out of School Children. NER (Net enrolment ratio, GER (Gross enrolment Ratio) shall be calculated for the year 2020-21 and basing on the data, AWP&B, 2020-21 is planned for O6SC wing. plan of action for the survey 2019-20 is as follows:

Survey shall be conducted by CRP

2. For the survey a one day distrier level meeting shall be conducted with all the MEOS, CRPS, DLMTs. MIS coordinators and line departments. O0SC survey format shall be explained during the training Programme and plan of action for Village/Habitation level survey shall be prepared during District level meeting.

3. CRPS should revalidate their jurisdiction O0SC data of previous year excluding the names of children who are enrolled in Regular Schools/KGBVS/URS, Bhavitha centres during Badi Bata or after such time, before going for survey

4. CRPS should go to schools in their purview and collect the list of children who are dropped out from schools (Child who is continuously absent for 30 days shall be considered as dropout child)

5. CRPS DLMTS should carry the revalidate data for Door to Door survey and update the list.

6. CRPS shall consolidate the survey data and upload it in O0SC online portal with the help of MIS coordinators, computer operators. While uploading data codes shall be used strictly

7. Consolidated Mandal O0SC data should be certified by MEO and submit to DPO in Soft & Hard Copies before due date,

8. Consolidated District O0SC data should be certified by DEO and submit to the SPO in Soft & Hard Copies before due date

9. District Sectoral Officers and MEOS shall monitor the on-going O0SC survey and complete it in stipulated time

10. The expenditure for the survey ike photocopying survey formats, district level orientation meeting, monitoring expenses TA to CRPS & DLMTS shall meet from district management cost

11. If any lapses are found in discharging the responsibilities of any functionary shall be viewed seriously DLMTS