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A User Manual is intended to provide assistance and instructions to schools for filling up and uploading School Self-evaluation Dashboard to the Shaala Siddhi Web portal. This Manual includes step by step procedures so that anyone can easily access the Web Portal.   Uploading School Evaluation Dashboard to the Web Portal  School should fill the hard copy of the Dashboard before uploading it to the Web Portal. For uploading the Dashboard, school needs to register itself on the Shaala Siddhi

Web portal: 

Imp Note:

• This website should be used only by authorized personnel of the School.

• Please save your login Id, Password and PIN (OTP) for any future use.

• Please fill up all the components of the Dashboard.

• You can click on the ICON on the left hand of your screen and sequentially fill up the Dashboard.

• Kindly edit your information (if needed) before final submission.

• After completing the process, press final submission.

▶ Step 1:

Create New User  .

• Go to Shaala Siddhi Web Portal through this link

• Click on Login icon

. • If you are a first-time user then click on New User

• Fill in all the New User Details given below to generate your PIN (OTP) o Select Level o UDISE code  o First Name o Last Name o Mobile No or Email ID

• Enter the Pin (OTP) received on your mobile no. and Email ID and click on Submit

• After submitting your PIN (OTP) you can create your Password. (Follow the rules for creating password)

• Save your Password and PIN for future use.

▶  Step 2: .

Login •  11-digit School U-DISE code is your User Name.

• Enter password.

• Click Submit.

▶  Step 3:

Filling up the Dashboard

•  Fill in Demographic profile

• Fill class wise Attendance rate. Class wise Annual Attendance rate can be calculated by the formula given in the Web Portal, Click on Submit and then Next

• Fill class wise learning outcomes in percentage in respective percentage range for each class, Click on Submit and then Next

• Fill the number of teachers, Click on Submit and then Next 

• Fill the number of Teachers who availed long leave as well as short leave, Click on Submit and then Next

• Select your level against each Core Standard and prioritize the Area of Improvement. (Low/Medium/High), Click on Submit and then Next

• Likewise fill all the Seven Key Domains

• Fill the Mission Statement in English only (Word limit; 20-50 words)

• Fill Area of Improvement, Proposed Action, Support Needed, and Action Taken for all Seven Key Domains only in English, Click on Submit

▶  Step 4:

Final Submission and Data Unfreeze •

Before final submission click on the check box ‘I Accept Terms & Conditions’

• Click on Final Submit (Kindly edit your data (if needed) before final submission)

• A dialogue box will appear to confirm your final submission

• To confirm Click on OK

• After final submission Unfreeze Icon will appear

• Click on Unfreeze Icon if you want to edit your information.

  • A dialogue box will appear on the screen for the confirmation

• Click on OK to confirm unfreeze request

  • You can check your unfreeze request status from ‘Manage User Request’ icon 

▶ Step 5:

Generating Reports

• Click on Reports Icon

• Select the type of report mentioned below: o School evaluation composite matrix o school evaluation report o School Evaluation Dashboard  o Composite Matrix Status report

• Save the PDF/word/excel copy / For your own record

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