Navodaya Entrance Exam Notification for 2020

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Objective  of  the  Scheme

(i)  To  provide  good  quality  modern  education  including  a  strong  component of  culture,  inculcation  of  values,  awareness  of  the  environment,  adventure activities  and  physical  education  to  the  talented  children  predominantly from  rural  areas.

(ii) To ensure that students attain a reasonable level of competency in three languages.

(iii) To promote national integration through migration of students from Hindi to non-Hindi speaking State and vice-versa.

(iv) To serve in each district as focal point for improvement in quality of school education in general through sharing of experiences and facilities.

JNV Selection Test for admission to Class-VI in JNVs for the academic session 2020-21 will be held  in two phases as given below:

i. On Saturday, the_11th  January, 2020  at  11.30  A.M. in the  State  of  Andhra   Pradesh, Assam,  Arunachal  Pradesh  (except  Dibang  Valley  &  Tawang  Districts),    Bihar, Chhattisgarh,  Goa,  Gujarat,  Haryana,  Himachal  Pradesh  (except  Chamba,  Kinnaur, Mandi,  Sirmour,  Kullu,  Lahaul  &  Spiti  and  Shimla  Districts),  Jharkhand,  Kerala, Karnataka,  Madhya  Pradesh,  Maharashtra,  Manipur,  Orissa,  Punjab,  Rajasthan, Tripura,  Telangana,  Uttar  Pradesh,  &  West  Bengal  (except  Darjeeling),  Union Territories  of  Andaman  &  Nicobar  Islands,  Chandigarh,  Dadar  &  Nagar  Haveli, Daman  &  Diu, Delhi,  Lakshadweep  and Pudducherry.

ii. On  Saturday,  the  11th  April,  2020  at  11.30  A.M. in  the  States  of  Jammu  and Kashmir,  Meghalaya,  Mizoram,  Nagaland,  Sikkim,  Uttrakhand  and  in  the  Districts  of Dibang  Valley  and  Tawang  of  Arunachal  Pradesh,  in  the  Districts  of  Chamba, Kinnaur,  Mandi,  Sirmour,  Kullu,  Lahaul  &  Spiti  and  Shimla  of  Himachal  Pradesh,  in the District of Darjeeling of West Bengal. 


The last  date  to  submit  online  application is  15th September  2019.


1  Procedure  to  register  online for JNV  Selection Test  2020 (i)  The  process  for  submission  of  application  for  JNV  Selection  Test  has  been simplified  through  online  process.  Registration  can  be  done  free  of  cost through  the  admission  portal  of  NVS  linked  through and  Verification  of  proofs  for  residence,  age, eligibility  etc  will  be  done  for  selected  candidates  through  the  laid  down procedure  after the declaration of results.

(ii)  The  eligible  candidates  have  to  fill  up  the  online  form  and  upload  the certificate  issued  by  the  Head  Master/Principal  where  the  candidate  is studying  in  class  V  with  the  photograph  along  with  signatures  of  both candidate  and  his/her  parent/guardian.    The  attachments  should  be uploaded  in  jpg  format  of  the  size  between  10-100  kb only.

(iii)  In  case  of  candidates  from  NIOS,  candidates  should  obtain  `B‟  certificate and  residence  should  be  in  the  same  district  where  he  /  she  is  seeking admission.

(iv)  Online  platform  is  in  open  source  and  free  of  cost.  Application  may  be submitted  from  any  source  like  desktop,  laptop,  mobile,  tablet  etc.  

(v)  In  all  JNVs  a  help  desk  will  be  available  to  assist  the  candidates/parents  to upload  application  free  of  cost.  Parents  may  also  approach  the  help desk  in JNV  along  with  candidate  and  required  documents  such  as  certificate signed  by  the  Head  Master,  photograph  and  a  mobile  phone  with  valid mobile  number  for  receiving  the  registration  number  and  password  through SMS  for registration process.  

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