MDM Providing Meals During Summer vacation to the Children in Drought affected Areas from April 24th to Reopening Day of 2019-20

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1. Ensure that the cooked meals are provided to all the children of drought Mandals under Mid-Day Meals as per regular Menu

2. Contact the Egg/ Dal/Oil Suppliers immediately and ensure that the supply of eggs, Red Gram Dal and edible Oil are done regularly during summer holidays as per requirement. In case of failure on any day, the School Cooking Agencies have to cook and provide meals

3. The HM and one/two teacher/s of the school on rotation basis has to be present for the supervision of MDM to the children. The teachers will be paid an Honorarium of Rs.2000/- per teacher for total vacation sh be paid as per Govt Memo No.225780/Prog.I/A1/2017, date:27-11-2017

4. Headmasters must submit necessary indents online for food grains, Dal, Oil etc.

5 Ensure that a wide publicity is made of the scheme, all the children are get aware of the implementation of the scheme during summer vacation. The parents shall also be motivated to send their children for Mid-Day Meals during the summer vacation

6. Ensure that the Cooking cost and honorarium are paid as usual

7. Utilise the Parent Teacher Association in monitoring of MDM and ensuring that the problems are detected early and speedily rectified

8.The community support should also be taken where ever necessary for enrichment of quality and quantity of MDM is the prime aspect.

9. Where MDM is being served from a centralised kitchen ensure that the Centralised Kitchen personnel are given necessary instructions to serve Mid-Day Meals in a systematic manner

10. The Visiting Officers shall monitor and ensure that meals are provided in each and every school

11. The Head Masters shall submit attendance particulars daily in the MDM app meant for it properly and there shall be no frequent corrections.

Further, all the District Educational Officers are requested to ensure that the above guidelines are properly reached all the field officers, schools & teachers and implemented with immediate effect.

The matter shall also be kept under the notice of the District Collector to ensure the implementation of the scheme seamlessly


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