TS Rc.No.SPL/E-5/2018 Date: 20.08.2018 Capacity Building Training to Subject Teachers of all Govt. High Schools Handling X Class - Conduct of DRPs Training at District Level on 25.08.2018

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Present: Smt. B. VenkataNarasamma, M.Sc., M.Ed.,

TS Rc.No.SPL/E-5/2018 Date:  20.08.2018  Capacity Building Training to Subject Teachers of all Govt. High Schools Handling X Class - Conduct of DRPs Training  at District Level on 25.08.2018           


       School Education – Capacity Building Training to Subject Teachers of                all Govt. High Schools Handling X Class - Conduct of DRPs Training                at District Level on 25.08.2018 – Req– Reg.                


     1.Instructions of Collector and District Magistrate Hyderabad                    District in the Meeting held on 12.04.2018.                

     2. Note Orders of Collector & District Magistrate, Hyderabad,           Dated: 31.07.2018

         ***** The Collector and District Magistrate Hyderabad District under reference cited above, to ensure quality of the Training at District level for Subject Teachers of all Govt. High Schools Handling X Class. The following SRPs and DRPs (List Enclosed) has been identified to the District level training on 25.08.2018.            The venue for Urdu, Maths, Phy-Science, Bio-Science & Social will be at GHS, Model Aliya, Nampally  Mandal Hyderabad District.   The SRGs are requested to conduct of District level training to DRPs Effectively on 25.08.2018 at above said venues.   The DRG are instructed to attend Training on 25.08.2018 at the above venues.  The following Deputy Educational officer and Deputy Inspector of schools are appointed as course Directors to conduct the (1) One Day DRPs training Programme at the following Venue on 25.08.2018. 


The  Course  Directors  follow  the  rules  and  regulations  prescribed  by  Collector &  District  Magistrate  Hyderabad  District.

  Timings  will  be  from  9.30  AM  to  06:00  PM  with  45  Minutes  lunch  break and  15  Minutes  tea  break  in  both  morning  and  evening  sessions.

  Attendance  of  Participation  at  sharp  9.00  AM  shall  be  monitored.  If  any deviation  in  this  matter  action  will  be  initiated. 

  The  DRPs  are  requested  to  bring  subject  10th  class  Textbook  &  Teacher Diary.

  Documentation  must  be  done  by  the  participants  by  way  of  informing them  on  the  first  day  itself  Centre-wise  documentation  report  with photographs  shall  be  prepared.

  If  any  deviation  in  this  regard,  matter  will  be  viewed  seriously  and  Action will  be taken.

  A  common  agreed  items  for  observation  may  be  developed  and  displayed in  the form  of  a  chart.

  Disturbing  in  the  sessions  with  unnecessary  argument  shall  be  avoided Roaming  outside  during  the  sessions  and  discussion  on  service  matters and  other  things  shall  be avoided. 

  Lunch  should  be brought  by  self.

DRPs List

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