Karimnagar Dist SGT, LPT, LPH, PET, Vocational Instructurer Transfers Orders

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Present: P.Rajeev, M.A. B.Ed.

Rc. No. 2471/A1/2P/Gov/KNR/2018 Date : 10-07-2018.


    Transfers- ZP/Govt. Schools - Teacher Transfers of SCTPETs/Language Pandits by way of web counseling 2018-Orders Issued.

Ref- .

      G.O.Ms.No. 61 Fin Dept Dated 24.05.2018

    2. G.O.Ms.No. 16 School Education (Ser. II) Dept dt. 06.06.2018

     3. C&DSE TS, Hyderabad. Proc. Rc. No. 1848/Ser.IV-2/2015 dated 06-06-2018 and 07-06- 2018.

     4. G.O.Ms.No. 17 School Ser.l Dept. dt.06.07.2018 (Amendment orders on the regulation of Transfers)

     5. Note orders of the Dist. Level Committee through DEO, Karimnagar vide r No. 305ylll/A3/2018 Dt: 10.07-2018


      In pursuance of the orders of the Hon'ble High Court A.PTS. Hyderabad in W.P.No. 19141/2018 and as per the instructions of the Commissioner & Director of School Education, T.S. Hyderabad in the references read above. vide ref I to 5 cited, the transfers of the SGT/PET Language Pandits and equivalent cadres in MP/ZP and Govt. Sector are hereby effected as per their options exercised through web counseling and the places shown against thelr names in the Annexure enclosed.

      The Headmasters of High schools/ Mandal Educational Officers concerned are requested to relieve the SGTS/PETLanguage Pandits and equivalent cadres of their school as per Annexure fendoied) immediately without delay and also give instructions to thern to report to the new station immediately

       The SGTs/PETs/Language Pandits and equivalent cadres are hereby informed to relieve from thei existing stations and report at their new station immediately. If not joined, no r under any circumstances for any reason. ight to claim compulsory walt He/She shall abide by the terms and conditions as stipulated by the Government and are liable for The Headmasters of High sdhook/Mandal Educational Officers concerned are hereby requested to any action deemed fit for violation if any. submit the report the date of relieving and joining of the individuals promptly to the undersigned. through District Educational Officers concerned. In case all teachers in a Primary School or Upper Primary School are transferred and if the school remains without teacher, the concerned Mandal Educational Officers are hereby requested to make alternate arrangements Le. depute the teachers in the sald schools with the approval of the concerned District Educational Officer

.     The Headmasters of High schook/Mandal Educational Officers concerned are instructed to make necessary entries in the Service Register of the individual regarding the transfer /date of relief / date of joining and also the special category/ preferential category. if any utilized. The District Educational Officers concerned are requested to take necessary action

Regional Joint Difector of School Education


The District Educational Officer Karimnagar for necessary action.

Copy to
The District Educational Officer Rajanna Siricilla, Jagithyal and Peddapalli.
Copy to the CEO. ZP Karimnagar for information.
Copy to the Headmasters/Mandal Educational Officer, concerned.
Copy to the DTO Karimnagar, Rajanna Siridilla, Jagithyal and Peddapalli/ PAO concerned.





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