AP: G.O.MS.No. 98 Dated: 26-06-2018 Revised Pay Scales 2015 – Payment of Arrears - Orders

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Revised Pay Scales  2015  – Payment of  Arrears  - Orders  – Issued.  ________________________________________________________________


AP: G.O.MS.No. 98  Dated: 26-06-2018 Revised Pay Scales  2015  – Payment of  Arrears  - Orders   

Read  the following:

      1. G.O.Ms.No.46, Finance  (HRM.V-PC)  Department, Dated:  30.04.2015.

     2. Circular Memo  No.3856-A/29/A2/HRM.V-PC/2014, Dated:  26.05.2015. 

     3. Representation  of  A.P. Secretariat  Association dated 29.05.2018. 

     4. Representation of Joint Action  Committee of Employees, Teachers,     Workers and Pensioners, Andhra Pradesh, Dated:  29.05.2018.  

    5. Representation of  A.P. JAC,  AMARAVATI,  Dated: 29.05.2018.

    6. Representation of  Andhra Pradesh Gazetted Officers’  Joint Action       Committee dated 29.05.2018.

*** ORDER:

           In  the reference first read above, Government have issued orders notifying the Andhra Pradesh Revised Scales of Pay Rules, 2015  with  effect from  1st  July 2013.  In  the  reference  second read above,  the  Government have  issued  procedural instructions for fixation of  pay  of  employees as per the above Andhra Pradesh Revised  Scales  of  Pay  Rules,  2015.  According  to  these,  the  fixation  of  pay  of employees  shall  be  notional  with effect  from  01.07.2013  to  1st  June  2014 and the monetary benefit of  the  Revised Scales  of Pay 2015 shall  be  allowed with effect from  June  02, 2014.  The  monetary benefit of  the  Revised Scales  of  Pay 2015 was allowed  in  cash  from  the  month  of  April  2015  payable  on  1st  may 2015. As  regards the  arrears of  salary  in the  Revised Pay Scales, 2015 from  2.06.2014 to  31.03.2015 it  was mentioned therein that separate  orders would be issued detailing the modalities for  payment of arrears of salary for the period from 02.06.2014 to 31.03.2015.

     2.   Thereupon,  employees’ Associations  have  been representing  the  Government for payment of  arrears of  Revised Pay Scales, 2015 for the  period  from  2.06.2014 to  31.03.2015.  

    3.   The Principal  Finance Secretary  to Government (FAC)  convened  a meeting with  the representatives of  the A.P. Secretariat  Association, Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers, Workers and Pensioners, Andhra  Pradesh, on  29.05.2018, had  detailed  discussions  and  elicited  their  views  in  this  regard.  The  written representations have  also been obtained.

      4.   Government examined  the views expressed by various Associations and after careful  consideration  hereby order that:


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