TS: G.O.Ms.No. 5 Dated: 14-05-2018 Increase of Sports reservations of two percent (2%) to meritorious Sportspersons in Direct Recruitment to various posts in Government Departments

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Department - Increase of  Sports reservations of  two percent (2%) to meritorious Sportspersons in  Direct Recruitment to various posts in  Government Departments/Undertakings/grant–in-aid  Institutions  at  all levels  – Amendment - Notified  –  Orders - Issued.



TS: G.O.Ms.No. 5  Dated: 14-05-2018   Increase of  Sports reservations of  two percent (2%) to meritorious Sportspersons in  Direct Recruitment to various posts in  Government Departments

Read the  following:

            1.  G.O.Ms.No.84, YAT&C(Sports)  Department, dated:4.5.2000.

           2.  Govt.No.74798/S1/2004, YAT&C(S)  Department, dated:3.8.2012. .

            3.  From  the  Secretary, APPSC, Lr.No.1561/RR/2012, dated:8.8.2012.

           4.  G.O.Ms.No.74, YAT&C(YS&S)  Department, dated:9.8.2012

           5.  From  the Secretary,  A.P.  Public  Service Commission, Lr.No.1561/RR/2012,  dated:25.8.2012 and  dated:3.11.2012.

          6.  From  the  VC&MD,  Hyderabad, Lr.No.SAAP/A&SS/H3/182/2013, dated:30.4.2013.

          7.  Govt.Lr.No.4254/Sports/2012, dated:27.11.2013.

         8.  Govt.Lr.No.4285/Sports/2015, dated:19.1.2016.

         9.  From  the  Secretary, TSPSC, Lr.No.98/RR/TSPSC/2016, dated:10.2.2016.

**** ORDER:

            In  the reference 4th  read above, Government have  issued  orders pursuant to the  Sports  Policy  declared  in  G.O.Ms.No.84, Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture  (Sports)  Department, dated:4.5.2000, wherein orders  were issued extending two percent (2%)  Sports reservation  in  future direct recruitment to various  posts  in  Government  at  all  levels.  The  guidelines  required  were  also  issued governing such appointments.

            2. In  the reference 5th  read above, the Secretary, the then Andhra Pradesh Public  Service  Commission,  Hyderabad  has  informed that, since vertical reservations are already provided up to 50% to the  social  categories i.e.,  SCs,  STs, BCs, the Commission  is  of  the opinion that  reservation to Sports  persons should  be horizontal  but not vertical. 

                3. In  the reference 9th  read above, the Secretary, Telangana  State Public Service Commission  has stated that,  provision of  2% reservation  for meritorious sports persons in  direct recruitments was not possible unless and until  amendments were  issued  to  the   Rule  22  of  Andhra  Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules,  1996.  

            4.  of Further, in  the event of Non-availability of  eligible  sports persons, the posts reserved  for them  should  be  deemed  to be  allotted  to open competition  in the same recruitment. Hence, the Commission advised  to amend  the orders issued  in  Clause (xvii)  the  G.O.Ms.No.74, YAT&C(Sports)  Department, dated:9.8.2012, accordingly.   The G.A.(Services-D)  Department has advised to examine the issue on the afore said  lines and take a decision in  the matter.

             5. The Government after careful  examination of the matter have decided to make  necessary  amendment to the said  G.O.  and  hereby  issue the following amendment to  G.O.Ms.No.74, YAT&C(Sports)  Department, dated:9.8.2012.

             6.     The following  notification will be published  in the Telangana State  Gazette:    


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